Why use our members?

This is not just a website with a list of any old Fun Casino Companies for you to choose from...
All accredited members have been vetted to ensure they meet the minimum standards of a Fun Casino operation as agreed by our members.

By coming together as a group of Professional Fun Casino companies and setting out minimum standards it enables the client to see the wood for the trees when booking Fun Casino entertainment.

If you are Googling dozens of self proclaiming 'Professional' Fun Casinos, we would highly recommend booking with an accredited company as this will go a long way to ultimately ensure your Fun Casino entertainment meets and exceeds your expectations.

When you are paying good money for your Fun Casino Entertainment
make sure you receive the service you are expecting...

What standards to our members meet?

Click below to see the accreditation criteria and code of conduct that all member companies fulfill.
Link to Fun Casino code of conduct

Why does it matter?

Public liability insurance is a great example - most venues will ask to see a valid certificate.
At the time of accreditation, all of our members have to prove they have the correct insurance in place.
This is essential for any entertainment supplier as if your chosen Fun Casino Company doesn't have it then they may not be allowed into your venue.
Worse still, what would happen in the unlikely event that anyone were to be injured as a result of the entertainment you had booked...?

Staff and equipment
We are passionate about delivering fantastic Fun Casino entertainment and as Professional Croupiers we know what's what in regard to the casino business both in the standard of the equipment and the technical ability of the staff.

There is a lot of 'Casino jargon' and details of Casino equipment that to someone who hasn't worked in a real casino doesn't actually mean much... Examples below:

If we were to say - “All of our Roulette wheels are 45cm and made of solid mahogany”
That sounds quite impressive doesn't it?
This isn't misleading anyone, however that would mean you would have booked an inferior Chinese import Roulette wheel... Not something to WOW your guests and definitely not a full sized Roulette wheel!

"All of our chips are 5 gram chips" – That sounds ok doesn't it?
Well no, not really, 5 gram chips are the cheapest you can get and are best used for playing tiddlywinks.
Real Casino chips are a minimum of 8 gram.

These are just two examples of the Casino jargon that can be used to confuse people.

We know the Casino industry inside-out and have put together a framework and code of conduct that ensures our accredited companies all comply with the benchmark equipment standards as agreed with our members.
This means you can expect a full sized casino setup from any of our members.

Ensure you book a Professional Fun Casino company to provide a quality Fun Casino experience.
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